How to keep your skin hydrated during Winter

Hello loves,i am so excited for one of the best time of the year!. The Holiday season is finally here and this season gives me such a joyful feeling to see everywhere filled with bright lights with all the wonderful festivities around,but let’s not forget that with cooler weather in the air our skin can become dryer and we don’t want that!!. So the time to get it right is now!!. Here are some tips to keep your skin hydrated throughout the Winter months that you can incorporate in your skincare routine.

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Deciem-The Ordinary – What you should try!!.



The Ordinary skincare is known to be anything but “The Ordinary “, this inexpensive skincare line with pure- potent skincare ingredients is here to transform our skincare routines . With natural,pure ingredients you are able to build your own routine to target your skins most important needs.

I love skincare and i will try almost anything which proves to provide the skin with the highest quality of ingredients,we all have different skin types,some normal,acne prone,dry skin etc. I am pretty sure we all want to keep looking young and beautiful as long as we possibly can while we age.

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Easy Fall Makeup Look

If you love a good Summer like I do, but the beginning of Fall excites you as well, then i’m sure you’ll love this Fall Makeup look as much as i do too!!. Fall beauty is just perfect because it focuses mainly on deeper and darker shades mostly on the lips and eyes, i love wearing a bold lip, i find that it makes me feel sexy and mysterious!!.

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My New Found Talents


My obsession with interior goes way beyond just admiring a beautiful photo over on the internet, if you have an exceptional style and taste for art and interior like I do, you will quickly learn that there are no rules when creating and finding your own personal style.

Growing up with a mom who doesn’t let one color on a wall last up to a year, can have you obsessed with how fresh and new a home can feel with just few changes. Now that i have my own home, my husband had to get use to what it means to come home expecting to sit down in a chair that has been moved and now re-decorated with brand new side tables. Of course his journey wasn’t easy  but the more i kept decorating and creating new pieces i can now say that he actually looks forward to see what I will do next (proud wife moment). I personally enjoy re-decorating my home once or twice a month when i can, it not only puts me in a good mood but i like my space to be styled and every piece strategically placed.

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Ruhr Reggae Summer Festival


For those of you who have been keeping up with me on Instagram, you would have noticed that i was away for a weekend of festivities in Mülheim, at one of the best summer reggae festivals in Germany. Every year this reggae festival is highly anticipated by not only myself, but by thousands of people, this year they celebrated their twelve year anniversary and i had the most amazing weekend moving and grooving to the best music on earth. Continue reading

Why I Love Using My Jade Roller


I have seen this trendy skincare tool on Instagram in basically every bloggers flatlay and while i may have been a bit late to immediately jump on the bandwagon and test out this Insta- craze beauty tool,curiosity started to get the best of me even months later. So i finally gave in and decided to see if this was all “Hype” or if it’s just as magical as every Skincare/Beauty Blogger believes,so here are my personal thoughts.

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Hey Ladies!. Lets talk about my favorite nudes and by that i mean my everyday favorite nude lipsticks that i can’t seem to live without!!.A nude lipstick is a easy go- to lip color when you’re on the run,or on days when you want a light face of makeup with natural looking lips,i’m always searching for the perfect nudes to compliment my skin tone so when i found these,i was literally saying in my head ‘YAAAASS’ with so much excitement.My purse has at least two whenever i’m out,just in case i need to re-apply throughout the day.Take a look at some of my favs below!.



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