Autumn Makeup /New Favorites

Autumn is in full effect and during this season i love to shop new skincare products to prepare for the dry weather and of course buying new makeup to look more autumnal. When Autumn comes around i like to transition into brown and deep toned shades in my outfit and makeup.

Shopping for Skincare- What You Need To Know

Have you ever been out shopping for new skincare, then find yourself lost in the many aisles of skincare products from an over-whelming amount of brands all claiming to give beneficial results to your skin?. Chances are you may just want to try something new or you simply want to re-purchase something you were already…

Wycon Cosmetics Lipsticks

Hey beauty lovers!. I am back with a review on some lipsticks that i just might be able to convince you to try out yourself, with flawless and impeccable quality Wycon Cosmetics lipsticks will effortlessly take your entire look, mood and confidence to a whole other level. Choosing the right shade to compliment and enhance…

My Birthday Trip In Tuscany

For the longest time Tuscany has been a dream destination in Italy to experience. Italy has been my second home for the past few years since i became a resident and when you are married to an Italian it just makes perfect sense to discover Italy as much as you possibly can. I think i…

How to minimize your pores

Most of us try to take proper care of our skin but in spite of that we are bothered by large pores on our face that won’t seem to disappear. Soft, clear, smooth, skin is all we want for crying -out- loud but we are plagued with pores that is just out of our control!!….

Fresh Spring Makeup Look

Hey beauties, it has sure been a while since my last blog post but luckily Spring has Sprung and i am here again to share this Fresh Spring makeup look that i’m sure you will want to try out this Spring.

Sunscreen Safety-What you should know!.

I’m sure at some point we have all being told to use SPF (Sun Protecting Factor) that protects us from the suns harmful rays, healthy skin is all about maintenance and without the proper protection that we need daily,we risk our health and damaging our youthful skin.

My Favorite Nail Colors For Winter

This holiday season is the perfect reason to switch up your nail color,add a little sparkle with some glitter,go bright and bold when the weather is cold or polish them nude to fit your mood!!

How to keep your skin hydrated during Winter

Hello loves,i am so excited for one of the best time of the year!. The Holiday season is finally here and this season gives me such a joyful feeling to see everywhere filled with bright lights with all the wonderful festivities around,but let’s not forget that with cooler weather in the air our skin can…

Deciem-The Ordinary – What you should try!!.

  The Ordinary skincare is known to be anything but “The Ordinary “, this inexpensive skincare line with pure- potent skincare ingredients is here to transform our skincare routines . With natural,pure ingredients you are able to build your own routine to target your skins most important needs. I love skincare and i will try…

Easy Fall Makeup Look

If you love a good Summer like I do, but the beginning of Fall excites you as well, then i’m sure you’ll love this Fall Makeup look as much as i do too!!. Fall beauty is just perfect because it focuses mainly on deeper and darker shades mostly on the lips and eyes, i love…

My New Found Talents

My obsession with interior goes way beyond just admiring a beautiful photo over on the internet, if you have an exceptional style and taste for art and interior like I do, you will quickly learn that there are no rules when creating and finding your own personal style. Growing up with a mom who doesn’t…